Troyer Race Cars has long been known as the premium race car manufacturer in the modified racing world.  Continuing that tradition, Troyer Dirt Cars is announcing a new partnership with SRI Performance to bring the PFC brand of brakes onboard and provide customers with the best in braking performance.

Stock Car Steel and the SRI family of brands have been providing parts and services to the racing industry for more than 24 years.  Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina – the lifeblood of NASCAR – Greg Fornelli has established healthy brands dedicated to ensuring the motorsports industry thrives for decades to come.

Since the inception of Stock Car Steel in 1996, the SRI family of brands has grown to serve every aspect of the motorsports industry – creating a truly one-stop-shop for everything racing.. Working hand and hand with SRI Performance in the North East opens the doors for not only premium products , but shop supplies , steel and aluminum. In addition to product technical support through SRI and the many endless resources they bring to the motorsports industry.

“SRI along with PFC brakes will be partnering with Troyer Dirt Cars which is an exciting opportunity” says Randy Keene, technical sales engineer for SRI. He also goes on to say that for a chassis company to offer a high performance brake system such as PFC not only as an option, but standard on each roller built says a lot about their commitment to providing the best products along with the additional benefits of trackside technical services provided by SRI Performance. Troyer has a well-built reputation on quality designs and are now looking to make their mark. “Nowadays with all the trail braking and dragging of the brake, drivers are looking for an edge in the brake systems” states Keene. Using brakes at a high performance level can create a traction control environment giving ability to keep forward bite in the most crucial of times including dry slick conditions. Using the right brake compounds, zero drag calipers and having the capability to float the rotors can give the driver an advantage to have quicker times with this brake system. Keene worked for PFC for several years and was focused primarily in the dirt market which has given him the knowledge base and tools needed to support the teams throughout the country; including the Northeast Modifieds. Randy is located in Charlotte, NC and is based out of Albany, NY giving him the capacity to work closely with TDC customers and PFC Brakes as they continue to design, develop and continuously work to improve their brake systems.

“My team has used the PFC braking system the past two seasons on our own cars and has reaped the benefits of great pedal feel and zero drag calipers, so when the opportunity arose to partner with Randy and SRI/PFC, I was all for it” says Matt Steffenhagen, Operations Manager at Troyer Dirt Cars.  “With the knowledge and information available from SRI and some exciting new products coming in the near future, we plan to take this braking system to the next level starting with utilizing it on Troyer Dirt Modifieds.”  Going forward, Troyer Dirt Cars based in Spencerport, NY will be the place to purchase PFC brake products in the northeast, primarily for the Northeast Dirt Modified market but expanding into the asphalt modified and late model market as well.

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